Jobs That Don't Need Customer Service

There is a wide range of job offers. Before applying to any of the jobs listed in this article, you’ll want to make sure you have the right skills to land a customer service position.

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There are dozens of sites that hire for this, like freelancer, upwork, bloggingpro, problogger, proofreadingpal, gramlee, and much more.

Jobs that don't need customer service. Regardless of the location, you’ll answer phone or email inquiries from customers. Most people don’t choose it and most people are asleep then, so talking/interaction is quite limited. You don’t have to talk to people if there are no people around in the first place.

I love detailing cars, and make decent money at it. The pay depends on the company, but expect to make anywhere from $9 to $12 an hour. If you consider yourself a people person, then there is a fair chance that customer service is your calling.

Top 10 customer service jobs. If you don’t have any prior customer service experience, here are some of the primary skills and items you’ll need to have beforehand: At first glance, working a job without needing to interact with customers might sound somewhat lonely or boring, especially to seasoned pros.

Many reputable companies offer online jobs for virtual chat agents. Although the two titles are sometimes used interchangeably, customer service reps usually work with individual consumers, and customer care specialists often work with other businesses that their company provides services to. Many people who seek jobs where you don’t do anything are often searching for jobs that require little or no physical effort.

The only interaction a transcriptionist might have is with their direct superior and coworkers. Most of these companies require individuals to be proficient typists with excellent spelling and grammar. You don’t need to talk to anyone, you just jam along to the music together.

The pros of jobs without customer interaction. Your past job as a cashier, hostess or server counts as customer service experience. As a call center agent, you can work at a virtual call center from home or work inside a call center.

Skills needed for a remote customer service job. Be sure to sell it when applying. If you’re also a night owl, i’d say look at nearly any 3rd shift job.

It's just that you've never been invited to a networking event and thought, well, that sounds fun!. They are often referred to as ‘behind the scenes’ careers, but they are equally important to employers. Provide customer service detail via live chat and email.

Here are 15 career opportunities that don't require customer interaction or group collaboration (for those who consider themselves introverts). It's not that you don't like people. However, there are several benefits to working jobs where you don’t need to interact with customers regularly:

People are drawn to customer service jobs because they have a relatively low “barrier to entry” — you typically need six months or a year of experience, but you don’t need a college degree. They listen to recordings and type them out to create a visual transcript of the audio recording. The skillset is straightforward and doesn’t require any special education or technical training.

$13.43 per hour primary duties: Most of these jobs provide a competitive salary and don’t require a degree. Here are some common customer service jobs and what they pay:

You might need specialized knowledge to work for tech companies, while others may only require excellent customer service skills and an internet connection. These online jobs are becoming more common as people prefer the instant communication of chat to a phone call. You may be called an agent.

But there are a lot of soft skills you need to have to become a customer service rep. Fire tower watchers, or fire ‘lookouts’, spend their time sitting atop tall towers all by themselves, keeping an eye out for potential fire hazards or any emerging forest fires. People who don’t have a private workspace;

Here are 16 jobs that don't require customer service, even if they do involve human interaction: Jobs that require little physical effort. Those who don’t want to talk on the phone;

Remember, these are work at home jobs so you don’t have the added expense of commuting. 16 places to find online chat agent jobs and get paid to chat.

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